Make A High-End Game CGI Video


- I'm looking for company/freelancer in the UAE who is able to make a high-end video game CGI video such as this video for example : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bxAIDD7umc

- the idea I have is to remake some old video game intros and gameplays into " what if this game released in this generation ".

- so nothing will be imaginary and no behind the scene work required because the video and the game will be already available and link will be given.

- fixed budget will be set as the job requirements will be very clear ( just remake this video intro into high-end one so it looks up to date )

- video will be only couple of minutes max 10 min.

- I'm willing to listen and negotiate the price if the job's well done

the project is to remake this video into high-end one:

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