Senior MySQL Database Developer




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We are looking for a skilled database developer to design, implement and maintain MySQL databases.
The day-to-day tasks of this individual often include designing database architecture, coordinating with users and administrators to determine common needs and functions, writing database manuals, providing technical support and training for database administrators and users.

Successful candidates for database developer positions typically have a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field or mathematics or statistics. They should have strong knowledge of DBMS, SQL, and Programming.
A Database Developer does the following tasks:
Understand and documenting existing databases for running projects.
Write and enhance queries written by programmers. And able to write fast queries (more than 2 sec. queries are considered slow).
Maintain and enhance database performance, and setting engine configurations to enhance database performance.
Database backup and restore in effective time.
Write instruction for various tasks related to database management
Apply change requests to database structure or data on live running projects without interrupting end users.
Database developers must be able to create reports and write complex SQL statements for large scale databases.
Well knowledge of using procedures and
Knowledge to Linux basic commands and working on
Having methods for problem
Being a good communicator, both written and
Having documentation and organizational
Having analytical thinking
Being self-motivated
Being deadline oriented.

Have a Bachelor degree in Applied Mathematics or Computer Science and knowledge and experience related to Computer Programming and Database development.


3 years of work experience as a minimum to apply.

Only who find all requirements available required to send resume.

Location : New Maadi, Cairo

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