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Innovix Solutions
Innovix Solutions

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About the Company
Innovix Solutions is a young dynamic company located in Hurghada, Red Sea. We are specialized in designing and developing custom web solutions targeted to the travel and tourism industry.

The company is located in the Red Sea, Hurghada - Egypt.

Experience Required
• At least 2 years of experience in the field of web design and UI development is required.
Technical Skills
• Solid knowledge of Html 5 and CSS 3 specifications.
• Ability to implement responsive design using popular frameworks such as Bootstrap or Foundation
• Solid Understanding of Semantic web and SEO best practices.
• Solid knowledge of JavaScript and the ability to develop basic scripts from scratch.
• Understanding of jQuery and the ability to integrate different plug-ins in web pages.
• Familiarity with JS Frameworks such as Angular JS, Knockout JS, Node JS or similar frameworks is highly appreciated.
• Knowledge of usability practices and principles (UX Basic Concepts).
• Familiar with Photoshop and able to do simple design modification tasks
• Good knowledge of CSS3 Animation techniques is highly appreciated.
• Knowledge of LESS or SASS is highly appreciated.
Job Description
• You won’t be asked to do graphic design, this is the job of our graphic design dept.
• Your main task is to implement (slice and implement client side functionality) responsive web pages using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap or Foundation and other required Client Side libraries.
• You should be able to learn new techniques and skills and communicate them with the rest of the team.
• We do code reviews, you will be required to comment your code, use proper naming conventions and constantly seek better code base organization that encourage reusability and increase productivity.
Other Requirements
• Good command of English is a must
• Must be a team player and able to work under pressure
• Must be able to produce clean, validated, standards-based and maintainable code
• Updated and always searching for new techniques and styles
• Applicant must have a portfolio of previous work not more than 6 months old, please attach a link to your online portfolio or sample work items in PDF format.
• A work shop will be sent to the compliant applicants to be completed and sent back to our art director for evaluation.
Working Hours:
• Working hours will be from 10am till 6pm with the ability to have flexible working hours arranged.
• Friday and Saturday will be off
• Salary will be set upon the interview based on experience and skill level.
• Allowance for accommodation will be supplied as well
• Working in a small team of professional web and graphic designers, great opportunity to learn new design techniques and gain experience in new web technologies.

Please submit your CV along with your portfolio.

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