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liwwa, Inc.
liwwa, Inc.

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We have a website that has been extensively redesigned at the hands of a usability/UX expert, and we want to polish those designs in terms of proportions, ratios, typography, color scheme, and overall consistency. The scope includes the following:

1- Polish around 13 different high fidelity pages. Your output should be in HTML/CSS. You can see an example of such a page in the attached documents.
2- Convert 7 low-fidelity mockups from our UX designer to high fidelity designs according to the same standards of point #1.


1- Pages that feel clean, well-designed, well-proportioned, with beautiful typography, images, and overall look. Polish is the key word here. The layout and different elements on the page have been well thought out and established using different usability and user tests. What we need from you is to take those layouts and rough designs into pages that are beautiful, consistent, and clean.

2- HTML/CSS code of the aforementioned pages. Javascript coding is not a must, I can do the javascript coding if necessary.

3- Responsive design. The page should be good looking regardless of screen size.

4- Follow the directory structure of the shared github repository.

5- Your code must be clean and easily understandable. Your CSS must follow best practices (for example, Semantic CSS, no direct override of 3rd party classes).

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