Redesign Game Photos


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Hi everyone,

Straight to the point , ( I couldn't attach pictures here so kindly check out my profile to see the photos) . to make the request simple , the picture attached is from a video game called Soul Reaver , its a classic / old video game .. now lets imagine if this game brought back to life in our new or even next generation of graphics cards ( it will have stunning visual effect and realistic in-game graphics right ? ) yes of course . so the required is to turn this exact pictures of the game into high-end graphics as if we going to play this new game sometime soon . just redesign the pictures .
Note : it should look like it has been taken from actual gameplay footage
Note : we should own the right for the pictures or any part of it . so by no chance & for no matter what reason you should republish , post , use , claim right to pictures now or in future under any reason .

Pictures resolution should be at least 1920x1080p or 2560x1440

All pictures in my profile are required in this job .

For any further explanation if required please don't hesitate to ask .
Waiting for the best in this field .

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