Brand Identity


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  • ميزانية العمل :   $900-$1000
  • سنوات الخبرة :   غير متوفر

Hello, we are looking for a full identity to our new project; our project is a smart purchasing platform for small and average restaurants and we introduce a solution for restaurants, with 3 aspect:
1. purchase management
2. Supplier relationship management
3. Daily production management

The Brand Identity aspects that we want:
1) Physique is the recognizable, physical aspect of the brand.
It includes the logo, color scheme, packaging, and the online spaces and communities.
2) Personality is the brand's character.
It's how the brand communicates with the outside world. This might be expressed in a certain writing style or voice, design style, color scheme, and even by way of celebrity endorsements. Coca-Cola's personality is happy, playful, refreshing, and all about sharing and having a good time.
3) Culture is the value system and basic principles on which a brand bases its behavior.
There is an intimate connection between a brand's culture and its organization. Coca-Cola's culture is based around socializing and sharing.
4) Relationship refers to the relationship between people that a brand might symbolize.
One example would be a relationship between a mother and child, or among friends. Coca-Cola symbolizes an equal and friendly relationship among people in a community.
5) Reflection refers to the reflection of the consumer; in other words, the brand's most stereotypical buyer.
6) Self image is the consumer's ideal self.
It's Kind of like a mirror the target persona holds up to him or herself. Marketers and advertisers can draw on their target audience's self image to direct their strategy and approach.
You have 2 weeks to finish this project.

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