Designer For A Feminist Platform (Akhbarek.com)




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Akhbarek.com is an online media organization dedicated to producing original content for a young female audience across the Middle East North Africa region. Where Arab media has been traditionally dominated by the dismissive framing of women issues, Akhbarek looks to offer engaging digital content and stories about women, for women. Akhbarek seeks to become the indispensable online resource and primary digital space where young Arab women share their stories fearlessly, and through their alternative narratives, craft a new generation of young Arabs that perceive their role in society radically different than their predecessors.

We are looking for a part time graphic designer who is interested in women issues and who thinks of themselves as feminist or at least who understands the basic notions of women issues.

- Arabic and English languages
- Has a keen eye for Web design that is pushing the envelope and engaging online audiences
- Has a background in, or an inclination for: information design, branding, multimedia content
- Produces quality and well-developed work even when confronted with last minute tasks.
- Has a background and passionate interest in illustration. Can provide illustrations for specific content.
- Work background: someone who may have worked in a graphic design house, a creative agency, or journalism, and has a keen interest in working within the online publishing world.
- Can meet deadlines, without excuses.

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