Looking To Hire A Freelance Animation Designer



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We are a company that sells bots in the US that helps clients get the limited sneakers being released such as Yeezy's and Jordans. Its a booming industry and many people are using such bots to get the sneakers before everyone and resell them. Since getting them from the store and online store is much more challenging. These sneakers usually get sold out in seconds and that's why many rely on bots to buy them. We are trying to create an ad for our bot that explains what the bot does, the pain points our customers go through and the solution we provide in a comical, funny way, that reflects on the culture of our audience. The ad is cartoonish and contains characters such as Kanye West and Michael Jordan, the main character is a regular Sneakerhead trying to get his hands on the latest upcoming sneakers.

Audience: mostly African American known as a Sneakerheads.
Responsibilities: Create the entire ad from production to voice over and animation design. We have the script ready it just needs to be adapted to fit the animation.
Deadline: end of September

Please advice us on how to approach this if the requirements seem undoable.

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