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International Rescue Committee
International Rescue Committee

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* BACKGROUND: The IRC is implementing a community-led innovation initiative to nurture and develop bottom-up solutions to problems facing communities in Jordan. This project will engage diverse communities and stakeholders in Jordan – including host communities, refugees, local governments, public and private sector actors and enterprising individuals – to devise and develop solutions that address their own lived realities and problems. It will center around three participatory “design challenges” based in a ‘lab’ setting, with each challenge aiming to mobilize teams around developing solutions to thematic problem areas we identify together. Themes will aim to develop a wide range of concepts for scalable innovations under the broader umbrella of accommodating displaced populations, accelerating recovery and increasing community resilience. This approach combines the best aspects of both bottom-up and formally-managed innovation processes to identify new solutions that are responsive to the changing needs of the wide range of communities in Jordan today. The first of the three design challenges will look to generate new solutions to support the generation of sufficient, predictable, and safe income, the second will focus on access to services, and the third on learning.

* SCOPE OF WORK: As part of defining and exploring social issues that impact vulnerable populations, Mahali seeks to produce communication materials that highlight new and unique perspectives on those issues. Additionally, Mahali seeks to communicate effectively with diverse stakeholders, including participants and community members, regarding the progress of the project itself. This position will design appealing informational and communication materials that reflect the goals and messages of the program. This could include materials that highlight different information that emerges from research, as well as materials that showcase the implementation and outcomes of the project.


* Work in collaboration with the Mahali team to understand the materials that need to be developed, and with what audience in mind;

* Visually represent select social problems in a way that clearly communicates the information and is visually appealing;

* Produce materials that communicate project accomplishments to IRC stakeholders, and target population;

* Create content that is line with branding guidelines and maintains the needs of the target population in mind;


* Graphic Design degree, or up to three years of college or technical school in graphics required;

* Proficiency in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign,

* Must be creative, forward-thinking, with a solid understanding of design concepts,

* Must be able to design within program’s and partners branding guidelines;

* Must be self-motivated, personable, team-player with a positive and accommodating attitude,

* Must have strong communications and organizational skills, with the ability to balance projects, set deadlines and work under pressure;

* Basic knowledge of the print production process;

* Native Arabic speaker with strong command of English, and

* Must be able to show samples of past work, specifically in projects that are in Arabic,

* A minimum of two years’ experience in graphic arts.

* Deliverables:

* Design content for social media, specifically Facebook;

* Design content for challenge definition materials for Mahali participants,

* Design content for the first design sprint,

* Design content that shares implementation progress and program outcomes

* WORK ENVIRONMENT: Remotely and from the office in Amman, with regular visits to field events in Mafraq, Irbid, and Amman

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