Designs For A Promotions Program In 2018 For A Small Business


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This is a freelance graphic design for a new small business. We need the support of a graphic designer to take all our creative work for the different promotions, occasions, Social media graphics... and other possible graphics work.

An immediate need for design creatives for a promotion that is going on now.

For now, the promotion is:

A simple "Buy 2 Get 1 Free".
This is "End of Year Promotion"

- Simple brand guidelines will be shared
- A library of products' images will be shared

The required:

2 Different creatives to be used for the promotion on Social Media. Namely: Instagram and Facebook.

These are:

- New Year creative + Campaign Message --> to be used on new year.
- Reminder creative --> for the rest of the promotion duration


For later on, we want to recruit a part timer with a retainer or per job, whatever we agree. Under this, we expect to request for a job every 2 weeks on the average.

Please make sure to includes your portfolio if you want to get in touch. We do not know you and do not know your work except through this way.

Thanks for taking the time to read this


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