Turn Powerpoint To HTML




تفاصيل الوظيفة

Hello Everyone,

We have a power point presentation that we urgently need to turn into an HTML (not mandatory) or JAVA or any format/scripting language ( as long as it respects the design done in powerpoint ) that can take the load of all the data. The power point presentation is not taking the high resolution pictures and videos load (total around 8 giga ) and keeps shutting down, the slides total are around 40, so we think the best thing to do is to turn it into an offline website that we can present in full screen on a web browser, nothing fancy, the challenge is not in the animation, the presentation is very basic and simple, clicks that sends you a step backward or to home and clicks that pop new pictures that's all.

There is a main interface page which has 7 folders, when one clicks on the text of the folder the folder slides out and shows its content, inside some few clicks depends on each folder which will stay in the folder but show new text or images, a back button and a home button.

We need this project in 5 days after awarding on Saturday the 28th of July around 22:00 GMT

Please note that our budget is limited, please do not submit any offers above the budget.

Note: the presentation is in Arabic, no need for editing the text, all what you will do is just copy pasting

وظائف اخرى