Unity3D Multiplayer Developer Wanted




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Unity3D Multiplayer developer Wanted
Unity multiplayer Game (up to 64 Players/room).
A 2d Top-down Multiplayer shooter Game (Browser-Based, Mobile and PC).

• A good knowledge in multiplayer and networking (up to 64 player/room). So he need to write server and make his own multiplayer work-frame or use some other that fits the project.
• Understanding of team-play and clans.
• Ability to create modular systems.
• Understanding of algorithms.
• Enough experience on making multiplayer games.
• Have a problem solving skills.
• Good English.
• Good communication skills.
• Good knowledge in Socket.io is a plus check (agar.io clan-based play).

Work conditions:

• Remote or at Office
• To be available whenever needed (during working hours), online via Platforms such as:

Team Viewer, Discord and other Platforms related to development such as slack/trello,etc.

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