Senior Design Manager



Mint Creative Production

تفاصيل الوظيفة

• Lead the concept / design studio within the company to develop innovative and creative concepts that turn spaces into unique experiences
• Develop mood boards, conceptual sketches / drawings and express ideas on paper to push forward the client vision for their project
• Create and pitch presentations to clients and convince them of the ideas and directions intended
• Provide advice and act as an "internal consultant" to ongoing construction projects that require artistic / design eye and expertise (e.g. providing guidance and recommendations for props purchases, aesthetic input into client proposed designs, etc)
• Creative flair and unique idea generation with a classy, modern, artistic eye
• Highly interested in generating new edgy concepts for entertainment/leisure areas, retail and F&B projects
• Self-motivated and able to work independently
• Professional, organized, dedicated and able to manage a team of co-workers to get what is necessary done
• Bachelor of Arts in interior design or other suitable creative degree
• Portfolio of relevant works to be shared prior to interview

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