Early Childhood Education App Development



World of Letters

تفاصيل الوظيفة

Design, build, test and publish an Early Childhood Education on App Store and Play Store. All assets are available for the app.
Using the latest technology to build mobile applications:
- Support Arabic language on all screens
- Show map of letters: List arabic letters in the first screen, each letter navigates to the letter screen and shows details of it.
- Letter screen:Show main image of letter with these actions:
- Back to home (Map of letters)
- Mute/Unmute sound
- Let’s sing
- Let’s paint
- Let’s write
- Let’s match

1- Let’s sing:
Show provided graphics, and play music of letter
2- Let’s paint:
Show white picture with a color palette, the kid will select color and assign it to the deserved area in the painting.
3- Let’s write
Show the letter, and area to draw it, the kid will be able to use the touch and drag feature to draw the letter.
4- Let’s match:
Show a group of duplicated images, the kid will be able to drag and drop matched images to finish the task.

وظائف اخرى