Graphic Motion Designer (2D Animation) From Egypt




تفاصيل الوظيفة

Company: App Cake
Format: Fix schedule/Dayshift/Sundays off
Conditions: Salary (depends on experience, we are ready to discuss your wishes) and time is tracked by time doctor application.
● Creating videos for mobile applications using 2D animation
● Independent search for suitable footage and music on stock sites
● Combination of real footage with 2D graphics
● The process of performing work clearly according to the TOR
● Animation of individual elements in the project (buttons, BG inside the application, etc.)

Experience from 2 years
Portfolio availability
Knowledge of the programs:
Adobe after Effects
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Media Encoder
Adobe Photoshop
Would be a plus for Cinema 4D/Blender
Ability to work with plugins:
Motion bro Sapphire
Duik (will be a plus) and etc.
High task execution speed
Knowledge of scripts / expressions that speed up / simplify machine work
Basic sound design skills
Ability to adapt horizontal video to vertical and vice versa
The ability to beautifully combine real footage with 2D graphics
Knowledge of json (Lottie files) animation will be a plus
Compliance with the deadlines of the TOR, which is used in the work

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