Generation A SS13

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This project has been inspired by my Middle eastern routes.I live in a metroplitan city called Dubai which reflects how I am as a person. An arabic girl who is proud and holds on to her culture yet strives for modernity. This collection ‘ Generation A’ Meaning the Arabic Generation is all about the wonderful elements in the Middle Eastern culture from our love for colour and pattern to our passion for desert animals and poetry. In this collection I have used universal symbolic images and patterns from the middle east to create a whimsical and unique collection of Blazers and skirts. This collection is aimed at the young modern Arabian women who is fashionable and proud of her culture. This collection allows the user to feel an emotional connection with the garments ,as each piece has a story to tell from the woven patterns. There are a number of pushing factors that led to the final outcomes.The Middle East is a very bright and cultural continent.Filled with flavour and colour and patterns. Since our culture is beautiful , I decided that its time to change peoples negative stereotypes towards recycled fashion in the middle east ,by creating beautifully woven pieces which hold symbolic meaning and at the same time its GREEN. ‘Generation A’ is a fashionable way of allowing the future user to appreciate culture and respect their environment ,a method which isn’t usually addressed in the middle east and it’s a perfect way forward.

  • Generation A SS13
  • Generation A SS13
  • Generation A SS13
  • Generation A SS13
  • Generation A SS13

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Azza Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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