Rawaj is an Arabic font family consists of three styles, Hollow-outlined, Heavy and Transitional Heavy. The letterforms combine visual features like the connected dots and the narrow counters taken from three of the common Arabic handwriting styles, Kufic, Ruqu’ah and Naskh. The font fits well in various applications like branding or web.

  • Rawaj
  • Rawaj
  • Rawaj
  • Rawaj
  • Rawaj
  • HôsSàɱ


    تاريخ الإضافةـ 30-12-2014

    nice :)

  • Hilda


    تاريخ الإضافةـ 01-05-2014

    awesome :D

  • Mohamed


    تاريخ الإضافةـ 02-04-2014

    رائع (Y)

اشترك معنا أو قم بـ تسجيل الدخول لكي تستطيع التعليق .

Mostafa El Paso, United States
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