Maher Badr Wood Production is a wood factory capable of making wonders with the wood. From the extraction phase to the designing of the final products, all done with modern and evolved machines that make the process much easier and most importantly faster, without forgetting the advanced abilities of the persons working right there.

Maher badr wanted a mark, some sort of a logo design that will communicate their presence to the public as well as their reliability and fast services. They asked for something simple and clear still very expressive, some kind of a design made of wood which will represent their business much better.

For me as a logo designer, the journey starts with the brainstorming stage, the process that allows me to work faster just on paper to achieve the most effective design that respects the intentions of the factory.

All that it left to do in the whole workflow is the rendering stage which involves passing the suitable sketch to Adobe Illustrator to add the final lines as well as the proper color palette that will be essential for the upcoming identity design.

  • Maher Badr Wood Production (Logo Design)
    Maher Badr Wood Production (Logo Design)
  • Maher Badr Wood Production (Logo Design)
    Maher Badr Wood Production (Logo Design)

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Anass Casablanca, Morocco
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