storyboard Scene 1 : the girl enters the bathroom to brush her teeth , when she begins singing happily Scene 2 : her brothers knocks the bathroom's door feeling so angry asking her to stop singing Scene 3 : she opens the door to find her brother yelling at her so she becomes so sad. Scene 4 : she leaves home Scene 5 : she starts walking disparately , doesn't know where to go Scene 6 : while walking , she finds a guy playing the guitar , so she stops to listen to his music Scene 7 : The guitarist look at her ,gives her the microphone asking her to sing Scene 8 : she becomes hesitated Scene 9 : she's thinking whether to sing or no Scene 10 : she starts singing Scene 11 : she continues to sing delightedly Scene 12 : people starts to crowd around her listening to what she's singing tScene 13 : he people likes her voice alot , and that becomes clear seeing them crying , while her brother is searching for her Scene 14 : her brother is now so proud of her and glad to see her singing in front of all , telling her that she'll one day be a star

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  • Walking Away
  • Walking Away
  • Walking Away
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    thats good :)

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