Kalemney VoIP Android Application

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The purpose of "Kalemney" is to provide free international voice and video calls in HD quality. The user will also have the ability to send data as the application has it's own integrated messaging system, and stream multimedia such as TV channels. Session Initiation Protocol ''SIP'' will be used to create, control, and modify the communication sessions. SIP also provides various features like, voicemail, call forwarding, call routing, call waiting, call conferences and much more. "Kalemney" also will be designed to concern about the bandwidth and encoding of voice and video over the communication channels. We're looking forward to create and optimize our own encoding protocol in order to reduce the bandwidth to the minimum and preserve HD quality. "Kalemney" will be designed to have the ability to communicate with all the compatible devices and platforms. You can use "Kalemney" to call a landline, smartphone or laptop as it calls the sim card number or the landline number associated with subscription with the service provider, "Kalemney" do not use user accounts to initiate calls or send messages. Also we're looking forward to create "Kalemney" web application and browsers plugin so it can be widely used according to the user needs. Web social network integration is also a future step to promote the application.

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    Splash Screen
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    First Run Screen
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    Incoming Call Screen
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    In Call Screen
  • Kalemney VoIP Android Application
  • Kalemney In Action
    Kalemney In Action
  • Kalemney In Action
    Kalemney In Action
  • Kalemney In Action
    Kalemney In Action
  • Kalemney In Action
    Kalemney In Action
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  • Kalemney Project Showcase for MIE
  • Mohamed


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    Thank you so much :)

  • Hossam Edris

    Hossam Edris

    تاريخ الإضافةـ 25-02-2015

    i absolutely love the logo...keep it up man

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