I and Her , The curse

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A tale of a young fellow who finds himself lost within the insanity of his own wicked mind , a struggle of love and hatred , a saga of a monster . Say what you want, say what you need This is not me that stands before you That night I became someone I’m not The temperature was falling The night was still Shadows lurked without a sound Insanity crawled from within the grave It’s too easy to fool everyone They think I’m still that innocent child They don’t know what horrors creep within me This is my broken character from hell This is my doomed role from within sin Blades cut every vain wide open And the hemorrhaging insists And so I chose to inherit the bloodiest of characters I feel exhaustion, unable to hide myself from their eyes I do not ask for forgiveness, nor do I ask for a cure I am no actor, and this is no movie reel This is a true story, about someone that is not me Someone who has stolen my vessel And left my soul bloody and barren And as the body count raises I feel joy It is time to slay this demon It is time to exterminate this evil incarnation And so I give you this gun I ask you to close your eyes Aim the gun And press it as gently as you can And don’t worry I’ll say goodbye…. ============================== Just stop struggling Give up to me Your hands by your side The warm thick blood falling from your wound Close your eyes Give in to me The warmth of setting you free The joy of my now blood-covered grin I look into you as you fall into a world of nightmares You want to scream Yet my hand covers your mouth You cannot struggle You cannot move And you cannot even scream And as I feed upon your blood As I feed upon your fear As I feed upon your pain I can feel joy I never felt before Now I set you free within the darkness of this forest You move, yet you cannot run Now I wish to see you try and elude your own death Within the adventure of hunting you I will find even more joy After a moment or two I find you fallen to the ground gasping for air You see the shadow of death within my eyes I hold your head and whisper: "you had my heart, at least for the most part” I close your now dead eyes And I hold you, taking you back to my old cabin There I put you on my wooden table I grab my old rusted knife I start cutting in to you I get to your still warm heart I ever so gently sink my teeth into your heart The warm metallic taste of your blood The enticing taste of your almost pumping heart And so I carry myself ever so heavily I pass a mirror hanging on the wall Then and there, I see this child staring at me He whispers ever so calmly: what have you become? And he goes on: she broke your heart, so you ate hers? So I moved on, sat on my couch In front of the broken television And so I start to carve into my wrists with that knife And the deeper I carve the more of her I remember And as I start to close my eyes I hear this sound This voice from deep within my head It says: "it’s not enough, try again, and again, over and over again till the end of time” So I wake up once more holding her within my hands Once more killing her And so this is my curse Doomed till the end of life to live this nightmare over and over And no matter what I do, the end remains the same And I can only blame my heart My broken cursed heart The one which is now dead

  • I and Her , The curse

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