Sudden Death Syndrome

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Track list:
1. Humans And The Dark Affiliation.
2. Blooded Forest.
3. The Dead Sea.
4. Ebtehal.
5. Inoculate.
6. Pure Wicked Sins.
7. The Stone of Hate.

BILOCATE - Sudden Death Syndrome
Was recorded between December 2007 and March 2008 By BILOCATE.

Produced & Arranged by BILOCATE
Co-produced, Mixed & Engineered by Jens Bogren
Mastered at Fascination Street Studios, Orebro - Sweden by Jens Bogren

BILOCATE 2008 are:
Ramzi EsSayed – All Vocals.
Hani Al-Abbadi – Bass Guitars.
Baha' Farah – Guitars, Oud.
Rami Haikal – Guitars.
Ahmed Kloub – Drums.
Waseem EsSayed – Keyboards, Percussion.

All Lyrics by Ramzi EsSayed except:
Blooded Forest by Waseem EsSayed
Pure Wicked Sins by Abdullah Al-Khaldi

Music by Bilocate & Music on
"Humans & the Dark Affiliation", "Pure Wicked Sins" and "The Stone of Hate" by Waseem EsSayed

Drums by Ahmed Kloub & Waseem EsSayed, Recorded by Ahmed Kloub & Digitized by Waseem
EsSayed, Engineered by Jens Bogren
Guitars and Arabic Oud recorded by Rami Haikal & Baha' Farah
Bass recorded at "The Phexagon Studio" with sound technician Mohannad Bursheh, Amman – Jordan.
Vocals recorded at "In The Mix" studios with sound engineer Nash Planojevic, Dubai – UAE.
Keyboards, Percussion & Pianos recorded & Engineered by Waseem EsSayed
pre-production and editing by Rami Haikal

Art Direction by Dennis Sibeijn & Bilocate
Illustration, Digital Arts & Layout by Dennis Sibeijn, Amstelveen - The Netherlands

Bilocate logo created by Christophe Szpajdel, United Kingdom

  • The Dead Sea
  • Inoculate

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BILOCATE Amman, Jordan
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