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Many various drawings done over the years (my favs so far) I am more passionate about watercolors, than other media, the mixing of the colors on the paper, is an exciting experience to me. I use acrylics to enhance an already made watercolor, once everything is dry, just adding some effects here and there, the morning gallop (horse drawing) and the women drawing, have an added acrylic layer of faint gold, under sunlight they give a little hint of reflection, glitter like, sadly photographs don't exactly catch that (or I might need to change the direction of my light source) When I was younger, I was fascinated by the digital media, digital paintings, digital drawings, I have tried it, but I could reach further than my expectations (I am so humble!) but I feel more homage to watercolors, as it is a media that usually covers softer topics (still life, so boring!), which creates the contrast I want. The drawings I have made by stippling, were done using rotring technical 0.1 pen, I enjoyed them, because during that time (I think I did them when I was still studying in university) they were a goal I have aspired, its good to know that you have reached goals beyond that (again so humble!)

  • Morning gallop, done for a friend
    Morning gallop, done for a friend
  • T-21, personal project
    T-21, personal project
  • Blue Beast, first photoshop digital painting
    Blue Beast, first photoshop digital painting
  • Personal Project
    Personal Project
  • Blonde
  • Acrylic on wood
    Acrylic on wood
  • drawing using artrage (software)
    drawing using artrage (software)
  • Stippling, horse practice
    Stippling, horse practice
  • Stippling, caucasus mountain ram
    Stippling, caucasus mountain ram
  • Stippling, Wolf
    Stippling, Wolf

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Ayyoub Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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