The Brief: Exploit a brand’s power to make the world a better place. Creative Challenge Create a positive social or environmental impact utilising the power of a Unilever brand. Choose from one of the following: • Lipton • Marmite • Persil • Simple Develop your idea with a focus on one of three objectives: •Improving health and wellbeing •Reducing environmental impact •Enhancing livelihoods You can take any approach to this brief; whether it be in the form of a product, service, experience, event, community group, communication campaign... Unilever are looking for any vehicle or channel that can be used to make a positive difference. My Chosen Brand: Simple Skincare My Idea: I decided to aim the project at the Simple Brand Creatives, offering a new package design perspective. Simple Skincare has been a trusted brand since the 1960s and we know how good their products are, so they do not have to keep reminding us on the label.

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