My new ideas for Doodles in halloween day

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And I, I stop and I breathe 'cause you wanted me
And I wanted you so bad
And I stop and I breathe 'cause I still believe
No one really knows what it is that we have

Like blood in a vein
We chased this one down
And in the darkest long night
We turned it all around

  • My new ideas for Doodles in halloween day
  • My new ideas for Doodles in halloween day
  • Gorden


    تاريخ الإضافةـ 07-01-2016

    amazing i luv it

    • Ghada


      تاريخ الإضافةـ 09-01-2016

      Thanks ^_^

  • tasmeemme


    تاريخ الإضافةـ 29-09-2015

    Nice strong lines...Halloween is a symbol of ridiculing feer...and what signifies that when the character appears...just enjoying the party of frightening symbols...like she is willing to say im worry less...the symbols in black shows the real fighting worries of the character....these unpracticed yet...while those in the foreground resemble the controled fears...and that is why they appear in color...the performing pose of the character...shows her eagerness to let us share the excitement with her...the green ropes of plants...shows how one can survive troubles by rope of hope...thanks for sharing

    • Ghada


      تاريخ الإضافةـ 30-09-2015

      I'm glad you understand what I mean, you're right.... thank u ^_^

    • Ghassan


      تاريخ الإضافةـ 30-09-2015

      Most welcome :)

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