إلحقواالبرنس ( Save the Dude ) Mobile Game

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Save the Dude is a funny Egyptian Arabic mobile game by the amazing The Game Republic Team, This game takes place in a folk traditional district in Cairo, Egypt. Download, enjoy playing our interesting games and rate please :) [Hidden] Try to save the dude from falling, avoid windows and balconies while listening to a unique arabic music. You will find it easy to understand even though it's not in English language :) Team Manager: Ahmed Saber Game Developer: Dina El Shaer Game Artist: Noha El-Gendi

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  • إلحقواالبرنس ( Save the Dude ) Mobile Game
  • Doaa


    تاريخ الإضافةـ 18-10-2015

    تسلم ايديكي يا نونا ^__^

    • Noha


      تاريخ الإضافةـ 18-10-2015

      تسلمي يا دودو يا حبيبتي ربنا يكرمك و يخليكي ليا :* :* :*

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Noha Cairo, Egypt
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