what's LAKITU ? From this point appears the project idea. LAKITU is a Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems that will help the traffic police to attend to the accident scene in short period, as there is no traffic jam in the sky. THE IDEA BEHIEND THE LOGO .. IT'S SOMETHING SPECIAL .. SOMETHING UNIQE WE TRIED TO FIGUER OUT HOW TO DEVELOP SOMTHING FIT LAKITU PROJECT AFTER MANY TIMES OF TRING WE FIND THAT THE BEST THING THAT COULD DESCRIPE THE PROJECT IS THE FRIEST LETTER IN HEXGON SHAPE ABOUT THE DESIGN : . "Studying ice crystals as a graduate student, he eventually found the basic design (equilateral, equiangled hexagon) so icily repeated, so unerringly conforming, that he couldn't help but shudder: Beneath the splendor--the filigreed blossoms, the microscopic stars--was a ghastly inevitability; crystals could not escape their embedded blueprints any more than humans could. Everything hewed to a rigidity of pattern, the certainty of death." Anthony Doerr WHY HEXGON ,? SIMPLY BECUASE WE NEEDED SOMETHING DIFFRENT THAT EXPLAN MORE JUST FROM THE FRIST LOOK IT'S AN SIMPLE AND LIGHT BUT POWEFULL AND EFECTIVE WE INSPIRED BY THE CRESTLE SNOW IT'S BECOME MORE THEN PERFECT THAT'S WHY WE CHOSE IT FOR THE PROJECT AFTER WE TRIED TO BECOME WITH DIFFRENT CONCEPTION OF THE BRAND AFTER THEN OUR RESPONSBLITES TO DESCRIBE THE IDEA OF THE CONCEPT IN ONE SIMPLE OBJECT

  • LAKITU brand identity
    LAKITU brand identity

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