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I am an independent documentary filmmaker. I make commissioned documentaries of any length in duration and I make promotional and educational videos for NGO's and private companies including Zumot Saint Geotge Wine maker and others. I do freelance camera works for CNN, IUCN, Annenberg Foundation, USA embassy and location sound work for BBC documentary crews that film in the Middle East. I own all my professional filming and sound gear as well as a full edit suite. I also edit my own feature length documentaries and edit other people's work. I am based in Abu Dhabi and often work in Jordan on freelance work. I interested in working on co-productions on interesting documentary work.

  • Maggie


    تاريخ الإضافةـ 09-09-2013

    I would like to do camera work and editing as a freelancer.

    • Dr.frix


      تاريخ الإضافةـ 20-10-2015


اشترك معنا أو قم بـ تسجيل الدخول لكي تستطيع التعليق .

Maggie Amman, Jordan
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  • تصوير خلف الكادر على فلم الأردني "كابتن أبو رائد"
  • فلم وثائقي: جمعية أسرة الجندي
  • Anti-nuclear energy protest in Jordan
  • Behind-the-scenes camera op on Jordanian feature: Captain Abu Raed