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about company Founded by professional HR consultants in 2007 of in-depth international experience in empowering both organizations and individuals to achieve HR and career success, Human Resources M.E. has been offering advanced HR solutions to some of the biggest local, regional and global market leaders across a number of key industries, including but not limited to pharmaceutical, banking, management consulting, advertising, telecom, IT, real estate, logistics, investment, public relations, market research, construction, FMCG, transportation, health & fitness, medical, oil & gas, energy, catering, manufacturing, insurance, food & beverage, hospitality, U.N., NGOs, retail & general trade and many others. As a dedicated strategic HR partner and a personal career advisor, Human Resources M.E. is guided by its two-fold commitment to helping organizations find ideal long-term job candidates that add value to their business, whilst also enabling job seekers to unlock their potential through landing good career opportunities that help them grow on both the professional and personal levels.

  • human Resources M.E.
  • human Resources M.E.
  • human Resources M.E.
  • human Resources M.E.
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    good work

  • Ahmed


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