Old Fountain

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This nice old interior design was created from my own inspiration. I
wanted to build something old that have a relation with the old looking
big houses full of ( z ellij patterns ), that we call here in Morocco,
integrated in walls and architectural structures. I started to think about
a way to represent these elements in a single rendered image.
I started this project by blocking out the overall look of the design in
3ds Max and putting the basic forms, then transfered them to Zbrush
for the refining and detailing process, I t hen painted the necessary
elements and extracted the useful maps to use within 3ds max.
Back to 3ds max, I setup the f inal scene requirements which include
setting up the rendering engine, which was Vray, also taking into
account the lightning adjustments.
Finally, I w as able to get my rendered image out 3ds max with
additional extracted passes that I u sed in photoshop to enhance the
look of the scene and give that feeling of old architectural design which
is very Popular in my conuntry Morocco.

  • Old Fountain

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