Go Taxi is a professional website dedicated for Taxi reservation. The main goal behind the creation of this platform was to help users get the fastest services with just a click of a button whenever they happen to be.

Go Taxi needed a logo design that will establish a solid relationship between them and the users and that will also show them that the services they present are fast and unique and most importantly free.

My journey starts as usual with doing some basic sketching on paper which allows me to find really good designs very quickly without diving deep into the arsenal of the various designing packages available out there. My main goal in this stage was to find a nice design that respects the idea and the goals of the website as well as being clear and modern.

The last stage in the whole workflow was transferring the appropriate sketch into Adobe Illustrator for the last refinement process as well as the addition of an adequate color palette that will drive later the identity and the final brand design.

  • GO Taxi (Logo Design)
    GO Taxi (Logo Design)

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Anass Casablanca, Morocco
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