Nescafe - What do you wake up for?

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What if answering one question could improve peoples' lives? “What do you wake up for?” A seemingly simple question, yet we found proof that answering this question can improve quality of life and longevity. On a Japanese island called Okinawa, people live by something called Ikigai, or “the reason for which you wake up in the morning”. Knowing their Ikigai has made Okinawans some of the world’s longest-living, healthiest and happiest people. To spread the concept of Ikigai, we went to Okinawa and shot a documentary – then we launched it online. The video ends with the question “What do you wake up for?” inviting people to share their Ikigai using #IWAKEUPFOR. An integrated campaign followed, and PR played a key role in seeding the concept of Ikigai and creating conversations around the importance of awakening your purpose. Through online publications and media outreach, we used unbranded content to create curiosity about the Ikigai philosophy. We then sourced stories about people in the region with inspiring Ikigai and made three 30-second documentaries about them that became the center of a massive TV campaign that aired across 13 channels in 11 different countries. Finally, committed to the campaign’s purpose, we also created a similar documentary about the passionate NESCAFÉ people behind the product, and what they wake up for. The campaign made people in the region ask themselves what’s really important in life and made them realize that despite their differences, they all have the same reasons to wake up for. Awards - Silver - Branded Content - Non-fiction series or film - Dubai Lynx 2015 - Bronze - Branded Content - Integrated Campaign - Dubai Lynx 2015 - Shortlst - PR - Brand Voice - Dubai Lynx 2015 Agency: Publicis ME/Dubai Regional Executive Creative Director: Alex Brunori Executive Creative Director: Ramzy Haddad Art Director: Lourica Halteh Copywriter: Rewa Zeinati Client Services Director: Maya Khammar Associate Account Director: Teddy Abdelnour Directors: Henry Chen & Ssong Yang Production Company: Filmmaster ME [Hidden]

  • Nescafe - What do you wake up for?
  • Nescafe - What do you wake up for?

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