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I decided in this project to reproduce the amazing character OH from the
movie HOME. I w anted to have him modeled with a n ice rig system that will
allow me to pose it and animate however I l ike .
To start, it was necessary to gather some references from the internet
about the OH used in the real movie, his shape, form, clothes and try
then to study his personnality deeply in order to create the most f lexible
animation controls.
I started the modeling process within 3ds Max using basic shapes, at the
same time taking into account the original shape and form of OH. When the
initial model was completed, I t ransfered it to Zbrush to sculpt it in a much
f luid way and give the correct proportions.
Back into 3ds Max. I took the model and make sure to check the topology
of the model, as it is very important to have a good topology when dealing
with animation.
After the modeling process is done, the most crucial process has came ,
which is creating the suitable rig for this kind of characters. I t ried to keep
it simple but efficient at the same time. I have introduced the very robuste
animation tools and functions contained within 3ds Max which I u sed to
establish the connections that gave the rig system its efficiency that I w as
looking for. I added more facial expression controls after to enhance the
overall rig system.
Ultimately, as the rig was completed, I had to do some cleaning up work to
keep the scene organized. The only thing left to do then is to try some of the
poses I had in mind and which was a very funny process to do, just playing
with the controls and get some fantastic feedback instantly.

  • the Awesome OH
  • the Awesome OH
  • the Awesome OH
  • the Awesome OH

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