Our client Salameh Ceramica is one of the competitive players in the Lebanese and worldwide ceramic & sanitary market for technology and brand recognition. Salameh branches boasts a global presence with collections that represent multinational products, more than 7 categories, each category includes hundreds of products and items, we made a very huge research in each category, with big amount of catalogs, to choose one product from each category to represent it, wasn't an easy mission picking up one product from more than 700 items, since most of the items are interested too! But our study depended on choosing the most perfect and average item, matching the simplicity and the luxurious choices, so any class of people can visit the showroom or the website, and find what they are seeking for. And we did a great job! We chose the items, present our storyboard, then we started the 3D modeling! My client requested to distribute the items, and to separate each category into specific short commercial, which means 7 short movies, and one 45 seconds movies, which includes the 7 categories, people will understand more what Salameh Ceramica specialized by presenting each category in special, private and independent way, we had to prepare 7 short commercials for 7 categories, 12 seconds for each, then we merged them into one 45 seconds movie, which is "Salameh TVC Showreel, you can watch the full campaign and all the movies in the main page. Salameh TVC Showreel is a unique, elegant, luxurious way to represent 7 products, in very advanced and professional direction, compositing and editing for each category, you can read the technical details for each category in its own page. All the items and the models that exist in this movie modeled by using Z-Brush, 3D Max Studio/ Vray rendering/ realflow plugin. For VFX and video editing and compositing we used Adobe After Effects CS6, and several plugins. For sound design we used Sony Vegas. 16:9 HD movie 25fps 45s 30 days of working, 25 days of rendering for 7 short movies (12s each) and the main movie (45s movie) Thanks To Rabih Shehab our 3D artist for instructions and participating in modeling, rendering setup and several adjustments and modelings. Thanks to Dana Fawaz (3D modeler) for participating in modeling. Movies Directed by Mohammed Ahmed, ideas and storyboard planing, 3D compositing, lights and animation, environment design and cameras. VFX and sound design.

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Mohammad Beirut, Lebanon
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