Feel Relaxation is a 12 seconds short commercial, one of 7 other short commercials, each of this commercials represent different category, Feel Relaxation represent Jacuzzi category, and they all merged into 45 seconds movie, which you can find at the main page under the title "Salameh TVC Showreel" The greatness of this scene, is not only the beauty of the environment and the 3d, it was the idea, inserting the calm ocean and cloudy sky in this movie, it is producing calm and soft attitude, and gives the impression of relaxation, beside the amazing 3d reality, and the very realistic water movement, focusing on the jacuzzi details. All the items and the models that exist in this movie modeled by using Z-Brush, 3D Max Studio/ Vray rendering/ realflow plugin. For VFX and video editing and compositing we used Adobe After Effects CS6, and several plugins. For sound design we used Sony Vegas. 16:9 HD movie 25fps 12s 30 days of working, 25 days of rendering for 7 short movies (12s each) and the main movie (45s movie) Jacuzzi, accessories, environment, modeling, textures and materials, lights, render setup and instructions by Rabih Shehab. Movie Directed by Mohammed Ahmed, ideas and storyboard planing, 3D compositing, animation, cameras, water animation. VFX and sound design.

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Mohammad Beirut, Lebanon
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