Ipad LED promo is a part of a big campaign for Asra3 Deal company, the campaign included billboards and LED promos, it covered and published every place in Beirut for one month. We had a very short deadline, 9 days of working to finish two LED promos, two billboards, and company's newsletter which you can find in my website by following the link below! This campaign was kind of mission impossible! It took a lot of work and strength and nerves! We had to meet the deadline, because they have to print the designs for the billboards, and to publish the animations at the Led or digital billboards, in very specific time and date! We achieved, we did it! LED promo animation is very different from the usual animation! It is a study, when you talk about LED or digital billboards, the first question you should ask "How can my message reach the people that driving, simply, elegance, with beautiful animation and presentation! The LED promo animation always 9 seconds! Which means, we can't insert useless or needless information or movements! But how can we convent the client that really makes you feel sometimes that he want to insert a Hollywood movie in this 9 seconds LED promo, honestly, sometimes you have to teach him lectures about this issue, and to show him what 9 seconds means, and it happened! But when the client force you to insert things that you really know that it will do a huge mess, you have to do it correctly in your own way, according to your talent and your knowledge! Anyway, Asra3 Deal company located in Beirut, it sells online deals, different and new deals at their website everyday, with good offers, so we tried in this promo to aim on the website address, the logo, and the slogan "in a little way, save everyday", to push people to register and subscribe in the website, to get very good offers. The idea was to present an Ipad, everyone use now his smart phone or his pad, people very rarely using the laptops anymore, to keep our client up to date, we chose the Ipad that visiting the responsive website, focusing on the image of the offer, the price before and after the offer, with the discount, a very advanced hand movement sliding between the images. All the items and the models that exist in this movie modeled by using Adobe Illustrator CS6, 3D Max Studio-Vray rendering/ Adobe Photoshop CS6/ For VFX and video editing and compositing we used Adobe After Effects CS6, and several plugins. For sound design we used Sony Vegas. 16:9 HD movie 25fps 9s LED billboards exist in different shapes and sizes, its never HD, but I'm publishing her in HD. Movie Directed by Mohammed Ahmed, ideas and storyboard planing, 3D compositing, lights and animation, environment design and cameras. VFX and sound design

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Mohammad Beirut, Lebanon
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