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What’s your favorite thing about Jordan? (DEADLINE EXTENDED!)

February 18, 2011 What’s your favorite thing about Jordan? (DEADLINE EXTENDED!)

Love Design? Then participate in our new T-shirt competition… and design for a cause!

Due to numerous requests, we’ve pushed the deadline to Thursday October 13th, so come on and show us what you’ve got!

The Idea:

tasmeemME is joining forces with Ruwwad and Aramex in an initiative to help underprivileged women from Jabal Al-Natheef work and earn a living from home. The idea is to design prints that the women can transfer onto t-shirts using their amazing embroidery (tatreez) skills.

The Theme:

So what’s your favorite thing about Jordan? Is it a specific food? Or perhaps a location? Maybe even a word? The theme revolves around anything you love about the country.

What to do:

Send in your design, be it an illustration, calligraphy, symbol etc… and make sure it can be embroidered onto a t-shirt and not printed. So no tiny details, and try to keep colors simple please!

We will then choose the best design to be produced and sold, with your name on each label!

Email your submission in Illustrator format to competition@tasmeemme.com by Saturday 8-Oct-2011 Thursday 13 Oct 2011 at 11.55pm Amman time.

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