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UNESCO Design Contest

April 18, 2011 UNESCO Design Contest

Calling all Jordanian Designers! UNESCO Amman presents a Design Contest for Handmade Objects!

The contest in partnership with Al-Housh offers a unique opportunity for all aspiring designers to compete for a prestigious award by presenting an innovative design of hand-made pieces to be manufactured by a local community empowerment project.

The designs must be:

- Made by an individual Jordanian designer and not an organization or firm
- Inspired by Jordanian culture and heritage
- Can be executed by local artisans or through a community empowerment project
- Based mostly on natural and/or recycled materials; submissions using locally available materials are encouraged

The designs could be made of the following materials:

- Rugs and weaving
- Natural fibers (banana and palm leaves, straw, wicker, paper etc.)
- Embroidery, sewing, knitting
- Silver and brass/copper work
- Mosaics
- Woodwork
- Sand art
- Glass

Click HERE to apply!


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