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COMPANY NAMING CONTEST: Give them a name, they’ll give you 200JD!

June 18, 2011 COMPANY NAMING CONTEST: Give them a name, they’ll give you 200JD!

A group of young businessmen are in the process of establishing a new online business, selling different types of high quality products, at extremely reasonable prices.

The businessmen are currently in the process of finding a suitable and catchy brand name for their company.

Brand Name Requirements

The suggested brand name must have the following features:

1. Name must be in English language (Arabic words written in English are accepted)

2. Name must not exceed 2 words

3. Name must be easy to read, write, pronounce and memorize

4. Name must carry a generic meaning, not related to any type of business/industry

5. Meaning of the name must imply that the buyer is making a smart decision by deciding to buy from this shop/brand, since buyer will benefit both from the high quality and reasonable price that he will be getting in return.


How to Participate

Interested participants coming up with attractive name(s) that fit the above requirements are kindly requested to email their suggested name(s) to: namingcontest@hotmail.com

Please make sure to send your full name and phone number or email.



Winning name will be selected by the business owners according to predefined selection criteria.

A monetary award worth JD 200 will be given to the winner.


Contest Deadline

Interesested candidates must send their suggested names no later than 01/03/2012.

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